How To Stay Injury Free During Your Training
(Even if You Have Looked Everywhere & Tried Different Injury Prevention Strategies and Still Can't Seem to Find Answers). If you please take a moment and answer 4 simple questions that tell me about your situation, I'll be able to share the best things to do next, specifically for YOU.
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When it comes to training for 1/2 or full marathons, are you challenged with injuries? *

Which of the following best describes your age (we can apply different injury prevention strategies depending on your age group)

When it comes to your running ability, which describes you best?

In which of the following topics are you most interested? (chose 1 of following 5)

Based on what you've indicated is your biggest challenge, I've put together a short guide with the top 3 things you should do right now to help you stay injury free.

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